WORK – interview with PR & Digital Content Agency Founder Jurassic Creative

Catherine Bolado is proof that you don’t need to be a ball-breaker to be a success. She is one of the most genuine, kindest people you could ever wish to meet. 

She decided to use the expertise gained from a career in the media industry to help others reach their business goals. Since setting up Jurassic Creative in 2016, Catherine has helped clients grow their businesses, secured tons of media exposure and has even seen one win a major award. But there’s one thing you can guarantee about Catherine – that no matter how successful her business becomes, she will still remain the honest, caring and down-to-earth person that makes her such a great choice for businesses on the Jurassic Coast.

Tell me about what you do…..

A little bit of everything really! PR and communications sounds such a dry title but it is anything but. From arranging interviews, pitching ideas to magazines, newspapers, radio and TV, working with brand influencers to writing features, press releases and taking photos and video, it’s certainly a wonderfully varied job.

My job can also include marketing, so placing adverts on platforms like Facebook and Instagram for clients.

It’s great fun because you get to meet so many different people and brands. The thing I love most is getting to hear and then tell people’s stories. I have yet to meet one person that I haven’t learnt something from. I realised that one of the things that gives me the greatest satisfaction at work, and in life in general, is when I’m learning new things.

poster Jurassic Creative - Photo Linda Goulding (3)

Why did you set up your company?

As a newspaper reporter for 8 years I loved going out and meeting people, campaigning for community issues and helping people by telling their story. That could be to help them raise money for a sporting event in memory of a loved one or to tackle the government on important community issues, like when plans were announced to take away Dorset’s search and rescue coastguard helicopter.

I love to feel like I’m doing something positive. I wanted to take that experience and continue to push myself – keep developing my skills and keep telling fun and creative stories.

I love the idea of creating something for myself for the future. Something I had complete creative control over and something I could build up.

What have been your biggest achievements as a business so far?

Having one client nominated for a big industry award and another win another major award was very satisfying. It’s great to see people that have been working so hard on their business for years finally get the recognition they deserve. So many of us, myself included, tend to work so hard, but never shout about our achievements. So, it’s lovely to be able to help people celebrate their successes.


What’s been the biggest/best lesson you’ve learned

There have been so many, I’m afraid I’m going to have to cheat and put down more than one!

Firstly, believe in yourself. It’s so easy to say but so hard to do. Do your research, really dig down and find out if your business idea is a good one. What makes you different? Find your USP and hold firm to that.

Secondly, realise everyone is in the same boat. Every entrepreneur I have met feels to a certain extent like they are winging it.

Thirdly, know that you will have quiet days when you will question why you ever started your own business. Just know that’s ok – everyone has those thoughts. Some don’t admit it, but they are still there. Use the time wisely to remember why you are doing this and what you want to do next. Plan, re-draft and plan again and then go make it happen.

Don’t be afraid to re-evaluate your business plan if you need to. You will find that you might start off with one set idea of what your business will be and that it will evolve over time into something else. As long as you are enjoying it, go with it. Don’t be too rigid.

Get a good support group around you, whether that’s friends, family or partner. Go out and network, meet other people that inspire you to try new things. And I cannot emphasize enough the importance of a mentor. It’s good to have a professional looking over your business strategy objectively. Mine has helped me think about different ways to market myself and is a wonderful mine of information and advice. DorMen are a mentoring charity in Dorset, but there are other groups out there.


What are your goals for the coming year/ next five years?

To keep learning and growing and taking on new challenges.

Do you have any advice for someone looking to start their own business?

  • Plan, research, re-draft, plan, test, re-evaluate and perfect. Really evaluate your idea, try it out, go get as much information and advice as you can.
  • Try a free government or EU funded course in setting up your own business, get as much help and advice as you can. Go check out your local library, they have lots of information that will help you – and it’s all FREE!
  • Don’t be afraid to ask questions!
  • Don’t listen to negative people. You will find there are people that will try to do your idea down. Simply smile and stick to your well researched plan.
  • Also, remember when you start out there will be a few people that ask for lots of free advice or ask you to do work for free to ‘gain experience.’ Sometimes that’s ok, sometimes it leads to great things, but listen to your gut and know when to say no.
  • Oh, and it’s ok to take a break once in a while! Ditto holidays. Self-care isn’t selfish, so don’t be afraid to tell your clients you will be going away, set your out of office and go have fun.

How can people get in touch with you or find out more about your business?

You can find me at, on Twitter @JurassicCoastCB, Facebook @Jurassiccreative or ditto on Instagram, where I can normally be found posting pictures of the beautiful Jurassic coastline taken while on my adventures!

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  1. This was such a lovely and refreshing interview — especially coming from someone so honest and genuine. In the PR world, it can be so hard to find someone with those two traits.

    Lovely post! x


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    1. Thank you! I have a few more lined up and I’ve learned so much from the women I’ve interviewed x

      Liked by 1 person

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