WORK – Interview with the mums behind children’s clothing line Wildchild London

TIME for another inspirational business story! 

This week it’s Wildchild London, a newly-launched gender-neutral children’s clothing line that’s already making waves. 

It’s the brainchild of mums Rebecca and Gemma who, after having kids, wanted more flexibility than the corporate world would allow – and also a chance to use their creative skills. Being mums, they realised there was a lack of unisex clothing for parents who don’t want to stereotype their children. So they created a 15-piece, British made collection for two to nine-year-olds. 

Their answers to these questions are really insightful (and they’ve even given some top tops for anyone looking to start up their own thing).

Leave your comments or questions below and if you’d like to be featured in this interview series, get in touch! 


Tell us about what you do….

Wildchild London offers quirky, comfy, casual wear that is gender-neutral with distinctive style. The 15-piece collection for two to nine year-olds, includes long and short sleeved T-shirts, sweatshirt, harem pants and leggings, that can be mixed and matched and shared between brothers and sisters alike, all made here in Britain.

Why did you set up your company?

After having children, that the lack of flexibility in corporate roles no longer suited our family lifestyles and therefore left us both with no choice but to look for something that would enable a better overall balance.

Given our unused creative skills and obsession with our little ones wardrobes, we decided to enter the world of children’s fashion. We identified very quickly that there is a lack of unisex options available to mums who don’t want to stereotype their children, hence Wildchild London was born in the summer of 2017.

What have been your biggest achievements so far

Creating a brand in an unfamiliar industry, launching in under a year, being nominated as a ‘Rising Star’ finalist (Bubble 2018) and called out as a brand to watch in 2018 by CWB Magazine.

What’s been the biggest/best lesson you’ve learned?

That juggling a new business and being a Mum is tough but doable if you are determined and passionate and prepared to work long hours around managing your family!

What are your goals for the coming year/ next five years?

To be stocked in boutiques across the world and be one of the leading brands for gender neutral clothing. As the brand grows we want to explore adjacent categories to develop into such as Home and Toys.
Do you have any advice for someone looking to start their own business?
To be successful in any business you need to have strong commercial awareness and a good understanding of your target market, including who your key customers
are. But most importantly you need to be passionate and be prepared to do the donkey work!!

Top Tips
Be Organised and patient – Businesses take time to grow
Learn, Learn, Learn – either through networking or analyzing your competition and market
Be creative – differentiate and stay true to your philosophy
Social media is your friend – Utilise it to grow and develop your brand
Just keep going…..

How can people get in touch or find out more about you?

Email us on
_HGB2148 (1)Website
insta @wildchild_london


Twitter @wildchild_lon



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