The best spring/summer bags on the high street

BECAUSE bags made of straw are *completely* suitable for the British weather.

I don’t know what’s happened to me (I do, I’ve been spending too much time on Instagram), but I am low-key obsessed with straw bags. And it doesn’t help that there are some killer ones on the high street this spring.

Picture it: Floral tea dress, heeled sandals, big sunnies and a straw bag. Summer perfection. Weather not guaranteed.

So without further ado, here are some of the best ones. Not just straw, but bright colours, circle shaped and embellished. I’ll take one of each, please.

(Click on the image to go through to site)

This is Ultimate Straw Bag Dreams.

I saw this bag on Hannah Gale’s Insta and ordered immediately. Not because I’m a Hannah Gale obsessive *shifty-eye movements*…I’d been lusting after a straw bag for ages. Because, you know, what else would you want in winter?! This one is perfect. And also would double as a small picnic hamper.

Or, if you’re feeling fun, why not try this Topshop crab number? Snap it up!


A budget-friendly version is coming to George at Asda soon (it’s not in stock yet but I’ve linked for when it is)

george_897553And this Matalan cutie is also a great price (just don’t put anything too personal in there because everyone will see it…) (coming soon click on the link)


Embellished perfection

Little bit in love with this little drawstring number from Accessorize. Impractical? Check. OTT? Check. Unsuitable for British weather? Check. IT’S THE PERFECT BAG FOR ME.

Accessorize has, as always, lots of embellished bag options, like this little number, below. Impractical perfection.

Next up – Circle Bags

Made popular by the likes of Meghan Markle, circle bags are everywhere this year. Remember the Chloe number she had at Christmas?

High street stores had replicas come New Year’s Day.

There are some great options out there, like this Marks & Spencer number


Or, if you’re just looking to dip in to the trend, why not pick up this little cutie from Primark (the BAG, silly, not me). It’s just £10 and I absolutely love mine.



How about this cool shopper?

Adds a bit of glamour to the food shop, doesn’t it? AND you can actually pick it up on the food shop – it’s £10 from Asda


Something a bit fun?

This summer llama bag (could be an alpaca, I’m no animal expert) is sure to raise a smile


And this geometric number is evening-wear goals



If you’re looking for something fun on a budget, how cute is this flamingo bag from Matalan?! I don’t usually shop Matalan, but I have to say, having seen a preview of its summer range, that there are some great bargains to be had…


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