FASHION: Round-up of the best mules on a budget (Zara, Marks and Spencer, Mango etc….)

The word ‘mule’ is not an attractive one.

And up until very recently, I did not consider mules to be an attractive option for feet. The word ‘mule’ conjures up images of clompy, stompy hooves, right?

I’ve seen lots of fashion op-eds on this subject of late – because it’s true – that the high street is having a real ‘shoe’ moment. We’re all rushing around and our shoes can take an absolute battering; we don’t want to spend a small fortune for a pair to get scuffed or go out of fashion fast.

You can pick up some amazing heels and flats during your lunchtime shop-dash right now.  What’s more, retailers have re-shaped the mule – it now comes in flattering shapes, a wide choice of colours and can be dressed up or down. If ever shoes were making a statement, it’s now. Velvet, satin, bows, stripes and polka dots – right there in the same store as your sandwiches.

‘Mule’ might not be an attractive word, but you can be sure that it’s the one to go with this summer.


I’ve written about these before (and lusted after them on my instagram)

For just £25, you can’t go wrong. They’re cushioned and so comfy. Marks and Spencer is really leading the way in the high street shoe stakes this year (just be sure to go down half a size as they’re wide fit and most M&S shoes, I find, are generous anyway)



If you prefer your stripes in monochrome, take a look at this bad boys from Zara. These would add so much interest to a plain outfit.

Still out of your price range? The below are Stradivarius (love this label) £19.99 at Asos



These ‘Jinny woven kitten heels’ from Topshop are perfect for smart summer looks (or even with a pair of jeans)

topshop m

Pretty bows

What is it with bows? I go weak at the knees for a bow, even though I’m a grown-up lady (or trying to be at least).

You can join the wait-list for these Mango satin beauties if you like them as much as I do….

mules 2

These (below) are leather and only £29.99 (okay, I should actually work for Zara shouldn’t I)

mules 1

Make a statement

Florals, as we know, are always a winner. Insect designs have also been big for the last couple of seasons, and the colour and material on these green ones, below, make them look much more expensive than their £30 price tag



mules 7

Polka dots are massive this spring – get on the waitlist for these Zara beauties (just save a pair for me….)

mules 5.jpg


Of course, you might not want to make a statement with your footwear. So how about something like these, from Zara? They’re black, classic, but just a little bit sexy due to the asymmetric cut

mules 12

These are in the sale at H&M right now….mules 13

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