BAGS OF STYLE: The best statement pieces on a budget for Spring

OUT with minimalism, IN with embellishment, embroidery and texture – that certainly seems to be the motto when it comes to bags this season.

When I was younger, bags were my favourite thing; I’d lust after the impractical kind you’d see on Sex and the City, always asking for some OTT number for birthdays, much to my mum’s joy!

As I got older, life took over and I needed more from a bag (as is inevitable) than sequins. Lots of those old-school bags were difficult to carry and would only fit a lipstick and few coins. For a long time it seemed bags went sleek, minimal and big. There wasn’t really that perfect in-between option.

But who says you can’t have it all? WELL, now you can!

This season the shops are full of statement pieces that will also fit your essentials. These bags can act as a ‘showpiece’ if you will; so you could be wearing a relatively plain outfit – jeans and a tee – and throw on an embellished bag to ‘lift’ the look.

OR you could go full-on and go for prints on prints – clash patterns and textures etc.

This is clearly something that’s filtered down from high end to high street. But if you can’t afford the £400 price tag of the likes of this amazing Attico bag, below are some purse-friendly options for you.


You can click on the images to go through to buy

asos bagBug embroidery, gold hardware, pearls….this one will certainly make the supermarket shop a bit more interesting!



This is the bag that kick-started my recent obsession with the ‘statement’ piece. It’s from River Island and I could just stare at it all day long.






Equally as cute are these from Accessorize – the shop name says it all, but if you’re looking for a bag with embellishment, that would be my first port of call.





Beads, sequins…and crabs? What’s not practical about this little drawstring baby?!

The love affair with Zara continues this season….


If you love the style but your more into flowers than fishing, this Accessorize number is perfect for summer


Okay, okay so this one (below) isn’t at all practical if, like me, you like to carry around old receipts, random keys, more tampons than you could possibly ever need and several lipsticks you thought you’d lost…

This one is for the impossibly cool women out there.


If you’re going somewhere special – like on your honeymoon – then, naturally, you need a new bag (let’s hope my fiance is reading this). This Star Mela number is on sale currently and sums up ‘summer’


If these are all a bit ‘too much’ then why not just go for one statement element on a piece – like the buckle on this Asos bag (£18)


OR, if those aren’t ENOUGH for you – then to hell with it, go full on kitsch with these clutches from I Know the Queen



And if you really have got your eye set on that Attico bag but it’s pretty much your monthly rent, check out this from Topshop….it’s even roomy enough for all those old receipts!

Or this one….




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